Work Accident Claims


You may have been involved in an accident at work in London in an office environment, on a building site, restaurant, shop, warehouse, factory or a farm. It is important to speak to an experienced advisor as your employer has the responsibility of following health and safety rules, adequate training, correct maintenance and safeguarding of equipment and much more. If this has all not been correctly followed, then you would have been put at unnecessary risk and therefore entitled to compensation.

Perhaps driving is part of your job and the work accident could be whilst driving a car, van, forklift or lorry. In this case your employer should ensure that the vehicle is safe and roadworthy.


Accidents or Injuries in the workplace can occur through many hazards. Some typical examples include the following:


  • On construction sites including the involvement of scaffolding and ladders.
  • Slipping at work, e.g. slipped on a wet floor with no warning sign.
  • Tripped over a cable.
  • Any situation where the appropriate protective equipment wasn't provided.
  • Used unsuitable or faulty equipment provided by the employer.
  • Manual handling injuries, e.g. had to lift heavy objects which caused an injury.


Some common accidents at work include:



Slip/trip injuries, back injury due to lifting objects, scaffolding accidents, factory accidents, asbestos-related disease, industrial deafness and incidents due to inadequate training.


All employers have to comply with strict health and safety legislation to ensure that their employees are not put at risk of being injured and that the work environment is safe. Despite this, many work accidents still occur which lead to injuries.


Injuries sustained from these may mean you have to take time off work to recover which can lead to financial difficulties. Making a work accident claim will help ease the financial burden and also provide you with treatment to enable a full recovery.


With our vast amount of experience, your dedicated Compensations 4 Injury claims advisor will help you through the initial stages you need to complete when you make a claim. They will also collect information from other involved parties and keep you updated on how your case is getting on at every step.


Speak to one of our advisers about a potential claim by phone for a no-pressure discussion of your needs.